Questions on Cryptocurrency PRIZM

    1. What is PRIZM?
    PRIZM (PZM) - it is a fully decentralized, self-regulatory, 100% Proof-of-Stake digital crypto currency based on the NEXT kernel, built in the open source Java language, which can be viewed here.
    PRIZM cryptocurrency was developed by the international public movement «Change the World Together» and was the Winner Of the award «time of innovation-2017» in the nomination «Project of the year» in the category «Blockchain and cryptocurrency».
    The final issue 6 000 000 000 PZM. The initial issue 10 000 000 PZM it was distributed in the Genesis block.
    A new implementation of the concept of cryptocurrency, allowing any user to easily and securely store and make money transfers directly, like the transfer of cash from hand to hand.
    Developing a new approach to the architecture of fair money relations: rebalancing and fair distribution of funds among people around the world.

    Questions about the project PRIZM.BEST

    1. What is it PRIZM.BEST?
    PRIZM.BEST is a project that performs the function of distributing the participants ’wallets in the PRIZM cryptocurrency when constructing the Followers structure, and thereby increasing the ParaMining percentage on your PRIZM wallet.
    The backbone of the PRIZM.BEST team is experienced Networkers who are always ready to provide you with support.

    Marketing Questions PRIZM.BEST

    1. Why should I participate in your affiliate program?
    You should participate in any affiliate program, to increase the % of Paramining on your personal wallet due to the Multiplier - parameter in Paramining, depending on the number of coins in the wallets of followers to 88 level in depth.
    If we talk about the PRIZM affiliate program.BEST, then we have a number of advantages in marketing:
    1. Low threshold Of entry into the BINAR, giving the opportunity to the most active, from among the poor, to participate in the BINAR and have additional income,
    2. Coins in marketing are on Your personal wallet and do not depend on the Will of the owner of the wallet, in the case of investing in Pools.

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