Helping you build and grow

    PRIZM.BEST is a project that helps you build a structure from the personal wallets of Subscribers in the PRIZM cryptocurrency, thereby accelerating the growth of coins*The increase in the number of coins on the followers' wallets increases the percentage of coins you mine. on your PRIZM wallet, according to the algorithms of the coin itself.

    Our features

    The uniqueness of the PRIZM.BEST community

    3.6% - 43.26% per month

    Depending on the amount on your wallet and on the purses of followers, and PARATAX.

    Investments for everyone

    The minimum amount for participation is 74 PZM.

    Only you have access

    You create a unique key for your wallet, access to which is only with you.

    Earnings without investments

    on the affiliate system and on the buildings.

    24/7 access

    You can administer your Personal Account and wallet at any time.

    Choosing a Development Path

    Active path - Binar, Fast - Monar.

    About us

    PRIZM.BEST is an experienced team that is always ready to support you. Having studied the PRIZM cryptocurrency, and having experience in other projects, we have developed objective models for building a network of Followers (Monar, Binar), as well as the PRIZM.BEST resource for administering these processes.

    PRIZM.BEST is not a legal entity and does not need registration with any government authorities, because: - is engaged in non-commercial activities (helps users in the administration of their wallets in the PRIZM cryptocurrency), - accepts membership fees from users not to a bank account *.

    * According to the legislation of many countries, mandatory registration is not required for non-profit organizations that are not legal entities (non-profit organizations need the status of a legal entity to open personal accounts in banks).

    Our mission

    Ensuring full welfare and free comprehensive development of all members of society.

    Our view

    Now everyone needs to take care of their own future. We suggest doing it together!

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